Donkey Tracker: HUD for Live Poker.

A Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager style HUD for the iPhone.


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This application will create a simple heads-up display for use at live poker tables. It will display VPIP and PFR and a hand count, so you'll be able to see the basic stats for each player at the table using about three button clicks per hand. Since we are only playing about 20 hands per hour this is fairly easy to do.

Updates will include tracking for aggression factor and 3-bet, 4-bet, and squeezing stats. Later I plan to add other improvements like bankroll and session tracking, and later more stats like c-bet, ck raise %, donk lead, aggression by street, etc. The Android version is in development and should be released soon as well.

If you guys have any suggestions, let me know, I am looking to improve this as much as possible to make it an easy to use and powerful tool for live poker tracking.

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Previously, I didn't realize how many extra hands I was playing because I was bored, and my stats were way higher than I thought, as were the HUD numbers for other players.

The app takes one click per player. A typical hand takes less than ten seconds to enter, and most of the time you won't be in the hand and you don't miss anything. It makes the time go by faster and is a very enlightening experience.


I would recommend giving it a shot to see just how surprising the numbers really are, and what is even more fun is asking other players who are familiar with poker tracker HUD stats to estimate the statistics for each player. Most often they are very wrong, and have stereotyped players instead of actually watching their play.

I have done this a few times, and typically an old man playing 55/7 will get a 10/8 estimate from friends just because of the way he looks and acts at the table. It is astounding, and my own estimations before using the tracker are often just as wrong. We tend to judge players by their cover and can easily "missunderestimate" the capabilities of our opponents because of their personalities at the table.

I have played over two million hands online and ~3,000 hours of live poker and I was unable to accurately determine stats without tracking. Other winning players were also unable to accurately guess VPIP or PFR and were surprised by the true numbers.

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I have used this app for many sessions and entering the data is no problem at NL, I have not tried it for limit poker but It shouldn't really be a problem; some NL tables are often 8 or 9 people to the flop.

If you are concerned about t ourists they don't notice or care; they are just having fun and 80% of the table is messing around with a smart phone between hands so it's not really a problem for them.

In the past, some wanted to keep online games free of tracking technology, but players enjoy the trackers and find them to be profitable, useful, and worth the set-up and expense. Why should live games be any different?


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