Complete Poker Intelligence Profile Explanation

You will receive a General Poker IQ Score for free. However, should you wish to obtain an in depth report, a wide spectrum 13 part analysis of your performance is available for $9.95. With your complete profile, you will receive a graph and complete written explanations regarding your scores in each of the test's 13 individual areas of intelligence.

This full report is available to anyone who takes the IQ Test.

Our test measures 13 poker skill sets, and separate scores for each are computed. These sub categories are as follows:

Position Blinds Tournaments
Big Pairs Small Medium Pairs Bluffing
Flop Texture Pot Odds Logic
Betting Patterns Hand Selection Aggression
Computational Speed  

These separate scores are statistically analyzed, and from them a General Poker IQ is computed for each catagory.

You will benefit from knowing in depth the various scores of your specific poker abilities. Those abilities in which you score far higher or lower than your general IQ score indicate specific strengths and weaknesses. Abilities in which you score lower than your general IQ Score may indicate aspects of your game that should be considered for additional study.

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Knowing your General Poker IQ will give you important information on how you can improve your game. The scores you get in the test will give you valuable information that would take years of experience for other players to gather on their own. Many people choose to play free poker games and low limit tables in order to get to know the game better. This sure is one way to increase your poker experience, but keep in mind that a game with nothing at stake is very different from a real money game.


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