Analyzing A Problem

Taking the test allows the computer to determine 13 individual IQ scores for different mental abilities. If you order your "Complete Poker Intelligence Profile", you will be given a report of all these scores and what they mean.

Thirteen Different IQ Scores? How?

Each question involves sub skill sets, requiring the use of different poker skills. All the problems of the test have been analyzed to determine the poker skills that are required to be used and how strongly those skills are challenged.

A Simple Analysis of a Statement

Consider this statement:

"You raise AA UTG and get 7 callers. The flop is 567 all spades. You hold no spade. What should you do? "

You must utilize many skills to during your analysis of this hand. In part, they are:

  1. You must have knowledg of position and what do do with that knowledge.
  2. You must understand that you are not in the blinds, but also that the blinds could probably hold a wide range of hands here.
  3. If this were a tournament with high blinds or antes, you would need to incorporate that information into your answer.
  4. Logically you must realize that you have raised and received many callers. One of them likely has a huge hand.
  5. You hold a big pair. This question should partially determine your ability to play it properly.
  6. If you held a small or medium pair, you'd need to know what to do now.
  7. Your vocabulary must be used to give meaning to the words of the problem.
  8. You must decide if this is a good place to bluff.
  9. Take a look at the flop texture and decide what to do next.
  10. Later in the hand, pot odds may become a deciding factor.

Determining the underlying technical skills required to play a hand correctly involves an exceedingly complex combination of knowledge and skill.

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