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Posted on August 13, 2008 by ksnydersj

Today I had an appraisal to take care of in the morning.  After knocking that out, I was pretty tired and didn’t feel I’d be at my best if I played poker - so I chose not to.  I watched some of the 2008 WSOP coverage on the DVR instead.  One of the guys at the final table was a 30 year old online pro named Lyric.  Lon & Norman mentioned that Lyric was the creator of a website called - so I emailed a reminder to myself via the cell phone to check it out.

I did - and wow - pretty comprehensive and a good challenge.  It really makes you think a lot.

The test is free to take and will give you a “score” and sort of tell you where your likely success (or failure) will be.  My score was pretty accurate in terms of bracketing me where I’ve had the most success recently - which was re-assuring.

If you pay $9.99, the site will actually break things down and critique you in several categories.  I opted to pay the $10 to get the real scoop - and am glad I did.  I scored exceptionally high in tournament play - which was also re-assuring.  I also got pretty high marks on playing big pairs.  It looks like I could use some improvement on playing from the blinds, aggression, position, bluffing, and “computational speed” (I was very tired and may have over analyzed many scenarios).

Anyway - the major categories it evaluates are:
Overall Poker IQ
Positional Play
Tournament Play
Big Pairs
Small/Med Pairs
Flop Texture
Pot Odds
Betting Patterns
Hand Selection
Computational Speed

I recommend taking this quiz.  The scenarios are as good - if not better - than anything I’ve seen in book form to date.  If you decide to pay for the evaluation, I feel it’s $10 well spent.  The quiz should take around 30 minutes to complete.

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